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♔The · Wild · Rose · Lolita♔

First Floor - The Happy Birthday Floor

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I dedicate this to my mother, who has a birthday coming up.♥

"Happy Birthday to Me
Happy birthday.
Whenever it is, these words don't seem to make me happy...
A year has gone by, and I haven't grown a bit. I'm exactly the same, without any self-confidence, not having made any signifigant achievements, not having told the ones that I love that I love them.
That's what you said. One birthday each year is sort of boring, so just like Alice at the tea party, let's celebrate un-birthdays. A very merry unbirthday to you.
So I wonder why is it that today, suddenly I'm all full of courage, on this completely unremarkable Sunday. Just like when I was a child, I'm drinking tea from a mug with a picture of Alice on it, wanting to hear your androgynous voice on the other line, so I called you.
How did this happen? Honestly, I didn't have anything better to do, and so...well, it's your unbirthday, so I wanted to wish you a very merry unbirthday.
Alone, I blush.
But, I wanted to say nice things about you.
Today is the first day that I was able to call you. It's nothing, but it's an important day. It's not an anniversary, or a holiday.
Well, today is my birthday.
It's the day in which I was reborn with a little bit of courage.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday, new me.

Happy Birthday to You
See what I imagine.
That's what you said.
There is a reason why I celebrate every day, even if it isn't a special day. Today isn't my birthday, and it isn't your birthday. It isn't my aunt's birthday, or your cat's birthday.
But somewhere, today, something loveable is giving it's first cry, and tomorrow as well, something adorable will be born.
We aren't gods, so we can't know the details.
Humans and animals are not the only things which are born. Tunnels are opened, so that day would be the birthday of a tunnel. In your heart when a desire takes hold, that is the birthday of a desire.
I look at your face, I feel your words, and my heart cries out. The sound is the birth of a new beat.
If the same thing is born, then it is good to say happy birthday once. But if the same thing is born in the same place, that is a little different. However, I like to celebrate seperate birthdays.
The you inside of me has changed to something bigger and stronger than the you that was born originally. I emulate you, and continue to say these words of celebration.
Happy birthday to you.
The you of today is more special than the you of yesterday.
Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to World
Why is it that we are always cowardly around the ones that we love?
Granted the ones we love are usually wonderful, and I want to be able to boast about you, but I can't say those kinds of things about anyone.
I love my pet cat, and I love my countless stuffed animals.
Those sorts of things are easy to say.
It's...a mystery. I want to let my thoughts be known in a loud voice, but you might see through my feelings, and then all of my effort would be for naught.
Today is your birthday.
I haven't thought of what present to bring you when I see you. But I did go to the florist and buy up all of their red African daisies, and have a bouquet made out of them.
I'm writing my feelings on the tiny white card, in small letters. I LOVE YOU...No. Those aren't the words I want to use.
Daisuki. Yes, that's it, daisuki.
Why is it that I long for tears to come to my eyes when I see these words?
Let's be honest, today is the day when you were born. It's embarrasing, but let's be honest.
Happy birthday to world.
It's the birthday of the world, the day when we met, and I'm grateful because now I can return to the place which I love, the place towards which you guided me.

Happy Birthday to Meets
Nothing is born from zero.
When oxygen and hydrogen meet, water is born.
When the moon and the earth meet, gravity is born.
Happy birthday.
Births are when something meets something else.
That's what you said.
Even more than two things meeting, they have to be completely different things, not close to one another, which rub up against each other.
When we celebrate birthdays, we're celebrating the miracle of these meetings.
Happy birthday.
However, when sadness is born, we should celebrate that as well. So many happy things are born that sadness can also be born. There can be no happiness without sadness. Like endings, or fear.
But when we meet, we depart. This makes for a lot of birthdays.
Happy birthday.
All of the happy birthdays, and the sad birthdays, too.
Happy birthday.
All of the gentle birthdays, and the cruel birthdays as well.
Happy birthday.
I want to say it thousands, no millions, of times. Together with you. In one unified voice.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to meets."

Original by 嶽本野ばら from Patchwork
Translated by
❧The Wild Rose
* * *